Life update

Hurrah, I’ve reached the end of semester! Unfortunately, this does not mean that I can stop working… sigh. Exams are coming up, speaking of which, grumble at the person who organised my exam timetable. :(

Here’s my predictions for marks: high distinction in comp3109 (a great course, btw), a pass or a credit for math2988 (given it’s advanced, and my past record of maths), distinction or high distinction in comp2907 (my assignment 2 was a little iffy, and we’ll see how the exam goes), and probably a HD in info2912 (provided that I get my reports done in time).

Now, if you’re currently reading the RSS feed (or Planet NCSS), you should definitely come and look at the fantastic theme I designed (and either admire it, or tell me that I should give up design for life!). Because I have plenty of work to be doing at the moment (info2912 reports, exam study, etc.), I decided to redesign my websites (the old theme was from OSWD, and I’d seen it on a few other websites). Fortunately, due to some software I wrote doing this sort of redesign is relatively painless, and doesn’t require remembering how Trac and Mercurial do templating. ;) I’d also noticed a few bugs with WSGIProxy, so I’ve written my own proxy and put it in Themere (see themere.proxy).

So, now that you’ve managed to survive reading through my rambling this far, I’ll continue rambling a bit more about what I’m going to be doing over the summer break. Item one is a Summer Scholarship with SIT, working on Surface Computing and Tabletops with the CHAI group, which should be fun.

I’m also going to offer to be a tutor at NCSS again. So, if you’re an Australian year 10/11/12 student interested in computing, go put in your application now! Who knows, you might even see me there. ;)