Semester 1 marks

Another year, another set of marks — I’m quite happy with them, especially maths. I wasn’t sure about doing advanced level and didn’t think I did particularly well in the exam, so getting a Credit was especially fortunate.

So, here they are:

COMP2129 — Operating Systems and Machine Principles
93 (High Distinction)
INFO2820 — Database Systems 1 (Advanced)
92 (High Distinction)
INFO2911 — IT Special Project 2A
92 (High Distinction)
MATH2969 — Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory Adv
65 (Credit)

I went last week to ISCF Conference 2010, where not only did I have an amazing time and met some amazing people, but also got to do some user testing with Presenter! ;) The two things which were especially needed were backgrounds and keyboard shortcuts. So, today, with some very much appreciated assistance from Jamie, these features have been added! If you’re game, grab the latest version from the mercurial repository. Alternatively, you can wait until I release Presenter 0.8, which will hopefully be sometime in the next two weeks.