Update time

Things I've done recently:

  • Participated in the ACM South-Pacific regional with Carlo & Ronny - we were the top 1st year team!
  • Wrote Huffman compression utility for INFO1905 assignment - Carlo & I worked out a really tiny way of storing the header. Now, it's just back to writing unit tests and documenting... (incidentally, bits & bytes in Java != fun)
  • Got an identi.ca account - getting real-time updates about stuff people are doing with Python is fun.
  • NCSS Challenge has officially finished - the Python streams finished a week ago, and the Embedded stream finished on Sunday, but there's an extra challenge for the Embedded stream - and a nice prize to got with it!
  • Change the name of this blog - again. We can't have it being consistent, can we?

Things to do:

  • Work on Presenter - this will probably be one of the things to do in my mid-semester break. The list of things to do has been slowly lengthening...
  • Complete everything on my TODO list... :(

Something I discovered today: ZIP File Quine. I'm wondering if I can do the something clever like this with my INFO1905 assignment... :P