Busy, busy, busy.

Uni assignments, NCSS Challenge, math quizzes (urgh!), Presenter, and also ACM training. Wow there's heaps to do. I'm trying to uses Getting Things GNOME! to organise myself, and it works, but only when I use it. :( Clearly every organisation system should work even when I don't use it. ;)

In other news, I got myself an account on bitbucket (yay for OpenID!), and published Presenter on it. Thanks to that, I noticed that I hadn't updated the README before releasing 0.2. Whoops! I've also been thinking about the UI for adding / removing files from the runsheet, and I've got an idea which should be pretty, logical and intuitive - I just need to find the time to implement it! Also, a terminal handler will be coming as soon as I get some time... (which should be awesome for teaching Python with)

Also, PyPy is one of the more interesting things to compile, thanks to it's fractal drawing. I should be bothered to write one of them these days, shouldn't I?

The NCSS Challenge introduced an Embedded Stream, where the students get some modified Arduino boards to play with - lots of fun, especially the accelerometer. Unfortunately, the online marker is somewhat buggy and sensitive, so answering questions on the forum is usually not that much fun. :(

Uni is going fairly well, except for my Integral Calculus course. I had a rather odd assignment for INFO1905, where they were assessing graph-searching (disguised as a degrees of separation problem which needed Breadth-First Search), when they haven't even covered graphs in the lectures, let alone graph searching. I know we're an advanced class, but seriously - that just means we'll be able to learn faster, not know it already (even though I did...).

Finally, if you're using IDLE on Windows, note that len(string.lowercase) != 26, unlike every other Python environment on the planet. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Fine, we'll use string.ascii_lowercase instead.