Presenter Prerelease

In the spirit of "release early, release often", here is another release of Presenter. This is an Alpha release, so it's still got plenty of bugs (the obvious one is with Video playback).

I've provided a .deb package, so if you're a Debian/Ubuntu user, it should be relatively easy to install. If you don't install any of the recommended packages (python-evince, python-gnome2-desktop, python-gst0.10), you'll find it rather boring.

There are two main problems with the .deb package: it explicitly depends on python2.5, and the icon for the menu item doesn't seem to appear unless you logout/login your session. These are known problems, directly related to how I created the package - I'm working on fixing them before the beta release.

Also, if you can be stuffed, it is possible to get Presenter working on Windows, and video playback works - you'll need PyGTK and PyGST (gstreamer bindings for Python).

You can get it from PyPI. Deb package Tar Gzip Egg Win32 Installer