Presentation software implementation

WARNING: This article talks about pre-alpha code (i.e.: still in development). Use at your own risk.

Just over a week ago, I posted my idea for presentation software.

Since then, I've put together a PyGTK[1] application for this purpose.


  • Presenter console: Provides a window for easy navigation of slides, just by double-clicking.
  • Presentation window: Dual-head support, with monitor detection and switching at runtime.
  • Application: Keyboard shortcuts for all features.
  • Document format: ZIP file of images for each of the slides.
  • Document format: PDF - linux only, using the python bindings for poppler (Debian/Ubuntu: python-poppler)

I've uploaded it to the Python Package Index: Please be aware of the dependency on PyGTK (Debian/Ubuntu: python-gtk2)

Let me know if you have any installation problems (relating to my software, not it's dependencies), and any bugs you encounter.

Also, I haven't quite put a license on it definitively for the final release, however, this particular release is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence, version 3.

[1] Sorry to those of you who don't like GTK, or use Macs - whilst I would like to support you, this is just a prototype with a GUI toolkit I know.