Programming Meme - Fantasy VM 2

Those of you who participated in the NCSS Challenge this year, or attended NCSS at the start of the year may have encountered Fantasy VM, a rather silly Virtual Machine with direct hardware support for variables!

Some people have started a programming meme, so I thought I'd join in.

For this program however, it soon became apparent that the simple Fantasy VM would not come up to the job, as it had no support for strings. However, with a little bit of hacking, I've created Fantasy VM 2! The specifications for the VM are similar, it's fully backwards compatible, but adds a few instructions to make working with strings possible. The silliest part which I've added is the support of the ADD operator for strings, but considering that it's a very silly language, I'm regarding it as a feature, not a bug.

So, here's the program in FVM2:

SET name_prompt "Please enter your name:"
SET age_prompt "Please enter your age:"
SET counter 0
SET test 0
SET one 1
SET start ") Hello, "
READ$ name name_prompt
READ$ age age_prompt
INT age age
SUB age age one
SUB test age counter # pretest
JGE test 13 # skip
JGE one 19
STR counter_s counter # skip
ADD greeting start name
ADD greeting counter_s greeting
PRINT greeting
ADD counter counter one
JGE one 10 #pretest

And here is an interpreter for the language, written in Python. To run, just save the above program to a file, and call "python filename.vm".