After the HSC

It's been a while since my last HSC exam, and I thought I'd blog about what's been happening since.

I've got my Year 12 formal tonight, which promises to be a heap of fun, lack of sleep and hopefully provide enough blackmail material for the rest of my classmates for the rest of the century! (mwahahaha!) Or maybe not. :(

I've been working on my application for the Microsoft Research Asia Scholarship in IT for the past week or two (and been thinking about working on it for far longer than that). Writing documents isn't my favourite bit of work to do, so it's been slow work, but hopefully I'll be shortlisted and get an interview.

I had thought that my desk would get a lot cleaner after I got all my school stuff of it. I really should have known better. Maybe it'll get cleaner once I get all my scholarship stuff of it. I doubt it.

On the programming front, I've been working on Universal Applets, the successor to Screenlets. I can't say the code's nice, the style seems to be half C and half BASIC, but I'm working through the core modules, and cleaning as I fix stuff. We should have a release out next year.

And on a completely different note, we've got a large pile of mulch in our driveway. I wonder what people walking by think of it. It'll take a while to move into places around our backyard, so I might get a photo sometime in the next week and post it.

I'm going off to finish my application. Also, some of my future posts may disallow comments, depending on whether I want commentary or not. I'm also going to rename the blog sometime within the next month or two.