Analysis of the HSC courses

See my last post for a link to my full data set.

Here's a short list of the HSC courses (Male subjects at top, Female subjects at bottom).

  1. Software Design and Development
  2. Physics
  3. Information Processes and Technology
  4. Mathematics Extension 2
  5. Mathematics Extension 1
  6. Chemistry
  7. Mathematics
  8. English (Standard)
  9. Modern History
  10. English (Advanced)
  11. Biology
  12. English Extension 1
  13. English Extension 2
  14. Drama

The most interesting trend to me is the English / Maths trend. As you move up the Extension courses, Maths moves towards more males, and English moves towards more females. Also, the sciences are spread throughout the list, which is interesting, because at my school I haven't noticed any major differences between gender ratios in science classes.

And finally a note on my HSC study - it was going well until I opened my computer. :(