Programming Competitions

We got through to the finals of ProgComp (results here), which I was very happy about, and the NCSS Challenge is starting tomorrow. Yay!

Also, I've been trying to embed a Python Console into presentation software. I've spent most of today creating a Java applet which runs the Python process and has a terminal applet to interact with it. The brick wall here has been, which refused to let me insert a Java applet. Looking around, there's a bunch of QA issues with this, so I suspect that it just doesn't work. Looking at my OO.o 3.0 release for Windows shows that they've removed it from the GUI, so no luck there. I'll see how I go with NeoOffice tomorrow.

Note: I saw Chris Neugebauer's excellent use of Bruce to achieve this, but I would prefer it to be done in OO.o/NeoOffice, because it's already installed on my home computer and the computers I'm presenting on.

And lastly a message to Chatswood High students: if you're interested in programming, and you'd consider doing the NCSS Challenge, which doesn't require you to know anything about programming, please come along to Ms Ho's introduction session on Monday lunch (Room 43 or 46), and/or my training session Friday after school (Room 43).