Robin Hood - A Critisism

Those of you who have been watching ABC1 TV on Sunday nights will be familiar with the BBC production of Robin Hood.  I've been rather impressed with the originality of the program, and I think that it's been well-adapted, even if the episodes do have the unfortunate effect of almost always ending how they started.

However. The last episode (Sunday 9th March), which I believe was titled "For England!", had a rather interesting point.  Robin sneaks into the Sheriff's meeting with the Black Knights, and throws daggers at each of them, only to discover that they have nice little blocks (of wood?) protecting them.  Funny that they predicted where he'd throw the knives, and that they knew that he would use knives.  He could have shot each of them in the head, and so on.

But my main problem is when Robin managed to take the clothes off one of the Black Knights.  How come, when he stripped the clothes off himself, did he miss noticing the block of wood?  Surely he would have noticed it when taking off his outer clothes!  In fact, the whole scene felt a little too much like "something happens, *magic occurs* and everything has just been reset".

That, is my main problem with episodal (my word for shows which are based around episodes) TV programs - they always finish off where they started.  I've seen it in Doctor Who*, Firefly and now Robin Hood. It's really getting quite annoying.

* I haven't been too annoyed with the last 2 series of Doctor Who for this reason, but most of the earlier episodes had this problem.  Mind you, my problems with the new version of Doctor Who could fill up another few posts!