Today's lessons

Well, today I did a number of things.

One useful thing was giving a mini-lecture on CGI (with a direction towards Python), and Python 3k to my software class.  They really don't understand the usefulness of one-liners in programming.  Hmm.  Maybe 'usefulness' is the wrong word.

In other news, I've named my 2nd USB disk partition "The Horse".  It makes absolutely no sense unless you mount it (Massive groans from the not audience).  (1st partition is a persistent filesystem for my Ubuntu Live CD - it still is not working well, but I haven't really tinkered with it yet)

And today's final topic is my software project, of which I have to present a practical way of implementing my game in a 10 minute interview with my teacher.  Unfortunately, our computing rooms are exclusively Mac OS X, and thus I have a limited idea of how to demo my work on them. I know that I can use PyGTK on Windows & Linux, but unfortunately the only real way for Mac is to rewrite the GTK libraries wrapping Tkinter. Suggestions welcome!

And I'm going to try and link up this not blog to some blogs of friends & people I know.