PCMS Update

Well, development of PCMS is coming along slowly but I'm quite happy with progress.

I've separated my modules and templates, which would make it feasible in the future to change to a different templating system.

Each module is responsible for a XML node, which itself can include subnodes (i.e. other modules), or just data in it's attributes.

My current templating system is based on just matching each tag name with a template in the current theme's folder.  It was originally designed to be used with XSLT, but since Python 2.4/2.5 doesn't come with a XSLT processor included by default, I decided to seperate the templating side of things, and let it use whatever system you decide to implement.

This change was responsible for breaking most of the code in PCMS, which has caused some backtracking, but it's not that much, and the migration to the new XML system is really quite easy to implement.


Just tonight I finished off support for viewing articles (which are generic posts/information bits), and also added in the support for styles (which are stylesheets used by themes).  Next is moving the styles into the themes folder.

Once again, if I'm online, you can look at my development version.