Mon 22 June 2009 by Peter Ward

Oh, dear. Why did I waste my time with this, again?

Piglatin in WSGI

Presentation software idea

Fri 13 February 2009 by Peter Ward

I now very much dislike how OpenOffice.org Impress was built in Java.

  • It's slow to load.
  • It's unresponsive.
  • It has an amazing ability to crash, on the most simple actions.

However, I do like the OpenDocument format. Also, presentations are to be presented, not just to be edited. And …

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A magical network client

Tue 20 January 2009 by Peter Ward

Game Engine:

from bezel.networking.engine import NetworkedGame, exposeclass GameEngine(NetworkedGame):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(GameEngine, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.count = 0

    def say(self, something):
        return 'Simon says "%s"' % something

    def add(self, num):
        self.count += num
        return self.count


#!/usr/bin/env …
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Programming Competitions

Sun 27 July 2008 by Peter Ward

We got through to the finals of ProgComp (results here), which I was very happy about, and the NCSS Challenge is starting tomorrow. Yay!

Also, I've been trying to embed a Python Console into presentation software. I've spent most of today creating a Java applet which runs the Python process …

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Sat 02 February 2008 by Peter Ward

OK, here's an update on some of my projects.

I'm currently working on a Python-based CMS. It's going slowly at the moment, due to my slow algorithm design. The latest version is available on my private server, which probably isn't online at the moment.

I've also started work on my …

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