FRisT P0S+!!!1!!!1!

Fri 20 June 2008 by Peter Ward

Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

I'm just trying out how to blog using gnome-blog. It lets me type my blog posts from my panel. It's not as pretty as using the wordpress html editor, but it's a lot simpler and more responsive (on my slow, low memory computer).

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Presenter Screen in OpenOffice 3.0

Sun 25 May 2008 by Peter Ward

Last night, I downloaded the beta of OpenOffice 3.0 (+ en-GB language pack). Then, I got Presenter Screen, and installed it all.

The result is, that OpenOffice 3.0 has a super-cool presenter mode that surpasses (IMHO) Microsoft's Presenter Tools for PowerPoint.

The extension works whenever you run a presentation …

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Music players for GNOME

Wed 16 April 2008 by Peter Ward

Apologies for the short sections, and weird layouting stuff that you don't usually find in blog posts. Or maybe not.  After all, this isn't a blog post!


After installing Debian Etch on my computer, I started looking at music players for GNOME.  The default for GNOME is Rythymbox, however …

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Exams - Almost the end

Sat 05 April 2008 by Peter Ward

My exams are almost over - done all except Physics. Apart from Chemistry and Maths Extension 1, I reckon I've done fairly well.

I've been generally unable to work on my Python web framework-like-thing, but have been able to have a think about some ideas for changes.

This isn't really a …

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π and a T-shirt

Fri 14 March 2008 by Peter Ward

Well, today was π day!  And for those of you who can't see that symbol, get some better software!  (Of course, it could be my encoding or something useless, but I doubt it.)

So, what did I do? Not much. I've got a teacher involved, so that when we get …

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Robin Hood - A Critisism

Thu 13 March 2008 by Peter Ward

Those of you who have been watching ABC1 TV on Sunday nights will be familiar with the BBC production of Robin Hood.  I've been rather impressed with the originality of the program, and I think that it's been well-adapted, even if the episodes do have the unfortunate effect of almost …

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Spellcaster Documentation

Tue 26 February 2008 by Peter Ward

Spellcaster Documentation for D&U:

  • Project Statement (done)
  • IPO Charts (done)
  • Storyboard (done)
  • DFDs (done)
  • Screen Designs (done)
  • Limited Prototype (done)
  • Data Dictionary (done)
  • Gantt Chart (done)
  • Hierarchy Chart (done)

As you can see, this isn't a really verbose post, but enough to see where I'm at, struggling through the …

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SDD Walkthrough

Wed 13 February 2008 by Peter Ward

So I did my SDD Walkthrough for Spellcaster today, and passed successfully along with (I believe) all the other members of my Software class.

I've already done the Initial Prototype, so that's one step from D&U out of the way, but there's all the nasty documentation to get done …

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PCMS Update

Mon 11 February 2008 by Peter Ward

Well, development of PCMS is coming along slowly but I'm quite happy with progress.

I've separated my modules and templates, which would make it feasible in the future to change to a different templating system.

Each module is responsible for a XML node, which itself can include subnodes (i.e …

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Today's lessons

Mon 04 February 2008 by Peter Ward

Well, today I did a number of things.

One useful thing was giving a mini-lecture on CGI (with a direction towards Python), and Python 3k to my software class.  They really don't understand the usefulness of one-liners in programming.  Hmm.  Maybe 'usefulness' is the wrong word.

In other news, I've …

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