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Sun 04 October 2009 by Peter Ward

Update time

Tue 22 September 2009 by Peter Ward

Things I've done recently:

  • Participated in the ACM South-Pacific regional with Carlo & Ronny - we were the top 1st year team!
  • Wrote Huffman compression utility for INFO1905 assignment - Carlo & I worked out a really tiny way of storing the header. Now, it's just back to writing unit tests and documenting... (incidentally …
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Busy, busy, busy.

Tue 01 September 2009 by Peter Ward

Uni assignments, NCSS Challenge, math quizzes (urgh!), Presenter, and also ACM training. Wow there's heaps to do. I'm trying to uses Getting Things GNOME! to organise myself, and it works, but only when I use it. :( Clearly every organisation system should work even when I don't use it. ;)

In other …

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Google Reader

Tue 18 August 2009 by Peter Ward

It's been nice knowing you, but I'm giving you up.

No more reading RSS feeds during my computer labs, no more worrying about whether Google is spying on me by working out what kind of subscriptions I read.

Goodbye Google Reader, Hello undisclosed client-side RSS reader.

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Presenter Prerelease

Sat 08 August 2009 by Peter Ward

In the spirit of "release early, release often", here is another release of Presenter. This is an Alpha release, so it's still got plenty of bugs (the obvious one is with Video playback).

I've provided a .deb package, so if you're a Debian/Ubuntu user, it should be relatively easy …

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Leaving Semester 1, Entering Semester 2

Sat 01 August 2009 by Peter Ward

So, I finished Semester 1, and got my results back. They're not brilliant, but they're enough...

Professional Engineering and IT: 71 (Credit) Fundamentals of Elec and Electronic Engineering: 59 (Pass) Differential Calculus: 71 (Credit) Linear Algebra: 74 (Credit) Informatics (Advanced): 95 (High Distinction)

And the subjects which I'm taking this …

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Mon 22 June 2009 by Peter Ward

Oh, dear. Why did I waste my time with this, again?

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Latex - inserting a box with no content

Mon 04 May 2009 by Peter Ward

Or, an empty box! Working out that query on Google took me some time, so I'll put the answer here:


RealLife (tm) Update: I'm enjoying University, and I'm thinking of moving into C/C++ via Vala.

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Update on Presenter

Sat 18 April 2009 by Peter Ward

I'm building a different, better idea for Presenter.

Details here:

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How to do plugins using eggs

Fri 17 April 2009 by Peter Ward

(Just so that I don't forget, and because some of you may not have seen this before.)

This is the magic Python code which automagically gets eggs with the entry point "my.plugin.namespace" declared.

for egg_plugin in pkg_resources.iter_entry_points('my.plugin.namespace'):
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