Programming Meme - Fantasy VM 2

Wed 26 November 2008 by Peter Ward

Those of you who participated in the NCSS Challenge this year, or attended NCSS at the start of the year may have encountered Fantasy VM, a rather silly Virtual Machine with direct hardware support for variables!

Some people have started a programming meme, so I thought I'd join in.

For …

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After the HSC

Tue 18 November 2008 by Peter Ward

It's been a while since my last HSC exam, and I thought I'd blog about what's been happening since.

I've got my Year 12 formal tonight, which promises to be a heap of fun, lack of sleep and hopefully provide enough blackmail material for the rest of my classmates for …

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Google is reading my mind?!

Fri 14 November 2008 by Peter Ward

I wanted to look up the past tense of "lead" (not Pb) today, and so typed it into the search box on my Google homepage. Those of you who have been paying attention will have noticed that autocomplete is now more promintent among the Google services, so I wasn't suprised …

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HSC is finally over!

Thu 06 November 2008 by Peter Ward


(Yes, that's all.)


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Software which makes my life easier

Mon 03 November 2008 by Peter Ward

Firefox 3.0

  1. The super-duper cool address bar - search within URLs and titles. I think that it's sorted by a 'popularity', based on if you've bookmarked it, and how many times you've visited the page.
  2. Save tabs. If you've got a window with multiple tabs open, you can save them …
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OpenOffice 3.0 available + HSC Progress

Fri 17 October 2008 by Peter Ward

Get it while it's hot!

On another note, my Business Studies and English Paper 1 have been done - B.S. went fairly well, I'm not so sure about English.

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Analysis of the HSC courses

Fri 10 October 2008 by Peter Ward

See my last post for a link to my full data set.

Here's a short list of the HSC courses (Male subjects at top, Female subjects at bottom).

  1. Software Design and Development
  2. Physics
  3. Information Processes and Technology
  4. Mathematics Extension 2
  5. Mathematics Extension 1
  6. Chemistry
  7. Mathematics
  8. English (Standard)
  9. Modern History
  10. English …
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From the depths of HSC...

Fri 03 October 2008 by Peter Ward

Study, study and ... ohnoimnotdoingenoughstudy ifeelreallyguiltyaboutplayingalltheseflashgames damnyourandallgetoutofmyheadand oohlookuniversalappletsisgoingtobereleasednextweekand oohbugsformetosolveand gameenginestowriteand...

So, if you managed to survive that, allow me to present the last half hour's efforts: Male / Female ratios of the HSC courses. Source is the BOS' media guide. Highlighted rows are merely courses which were relevant to me (i.e …

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Freezing in Sydney

Thu 07 August 2008 by Peter Ward

I've suspended my quest for a Python website system, in favour of Drupal. Drupal is an free open-source website engine. It's a modular design, so you can grab a .tar.gz or similar from their website (or anywhere, really), extract it to the modules (or themes) directory, and then run …

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Programming Competitions

Sun 27 July 2008 by Peter Ward

We got through to the finals of ProgComp (results here), which I was very happy about, and the NCSS Challenge is starting tomorrow. Yay!

Also, I've been trying to embed a Python Console into presentation software. I've spent most of today creating a Java applet which runs the Python process …

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